Changing of Seasons

November and the leaves, still barely hanging on, can’t help but appreciate the change in seasons. Darkness filling the sky, early, the cold brisk air, it makes me feel more alive. Walking on the leaves, listening to them crumple as I walk, fall, with the leaves changing colors and falling to the ground, the scene is still vivid in my memory. As a landscaper, you can only appreciate the outdoors, the small things, random things. Fall cleanups, blowing and raking of the leaves, then sucking them up in the back of the truck with the vacuum, not easy work but it feels good. Feels good to be alive, to be working, to receive a joyous text message from a customer saying, “Thank you!! Our yard looks fantastic even on a dark and rainy night!”. Sitting on the steps at night with the scent of a fire place nearby filling the air, how much I love fall, the changing of seasons. It’s a good feeling. One, that everyone should appreciate.


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