Flowers: “Spice it up”

Thinking of adding a bit of spice to your yard. You want to make it more attractive? Make it bright & cheery?! When decorating your yard, you first must think of your objective. What are you trying to do?  Add color, or are you adding shade, or are you trying to hide the ugly cement wall with some English Ivy? We’ve had customers say “Hey, can we make this yard a bit more colorful, pretty?”, many times. Two key terms you should be aware of: annuals & perennials. An annual flower/plant comes flowers once a year, and then must be replanted/repurchased the following year. Geraniums are an example of an annual. A perennial comes back year, after year. Gloriosa daisy, is one that adds powerful, beautiful yellow to the yard. Once you decide, if you want to go with low-maintenance perennials or have some annuals you’d love to plant, you’re then ready for the next step. You must learn how much sun does that area get. This will dictate what plants will thrive, and which will not do so well. “Full Sun”= 6+ hours per day, “Partial Sun”= 3-6 hours per day. Now that you’ve figured your objective, and how much sun your area gets, you are now ready to visit a nursery or shop online or call up a professional.


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