Core Aerating 09/28/16

Many customers of ours, we’ve noticed aren’t familiar with what core aeration is. In a brief quick explanation, core aerating is the process of a machine pulling plugs of soil, 1-3 inches deep from your lawn and dropping them back on your lawn. Almost looking like some sort of animal left many droppings  all over your lawn. So what does this do, why do we recommend all of our customers to core aerate a minimum, of once a year? Core aerating has many benefits. First one, it reduces compaction. On many lawns we mow, you can walk on and it will feel as if you are walking on a cement.  By aerating this lawn, pulling out “cores” of soil, it leaves the lawn less compact. It allow water, air,  nutrients, and any additional supplements you add to reach the soil, root system of the lawn. Core aerating is a natural process, where you are improving the soil, which in turn effects the appearance of your lawn. When core aerating we suggest you overseed to promote a dense thick lawn..You can give it a feeding, apply lime to balance acidity. Or even just give your lawn an organic feeding. After a year like this with very little precipitation, aerating in the fall would be a great relief, where the lawn did not see much water. 


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