A little about ourselves.

April 1st, 2015

Today, April 1st with snow still on the ground, we were outside removing some boards and changing an oil filter. Couldn’t feel any better with the sun beaming down on us and a breeze telling us that Spring had finally arrived. As I looked around the yard and at the distant trees I began to reminisce about different landscaping experiences from the past. My first recollection was of my father (Mike) leading the way, taking charge, showing me and my brothers how things were done. As I looked at him now with a shovel in hand, moving the snow around a puddle, making a path for water to flow, I couldn’t help but realize how true it is when people say “time flies”. And then I pictured myself and brothers at a younger age around my father (a yonger version), just working, doing different activities. At the time I did not appreciate those experiences, but now it is no longer just ‘work’, it is something I enjoy and appreciate. A family business, that my father started part time, as we were young, Mike and Sons Landsdcaping Inc., has become part of my life and holds many good memories.


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